All because of Lia!


I am still getting over my naughty wet night with my girlfriend Shae, I have always fancied her.

She has the cutest accent ever and it was only a matter of time before we we end up fucking, i knew soon as i met her.

They always say you can't pay for chemistry, this is a true statement! So after a few cocktails, i was showing her pictures of my girl crush missliaamelia and she started getting hot and bothered, so was i. I started telling her about all the bad naughty things i had done with MissLia and she was literally beside herself, i could see by her eyes she was hazy with the need to cum.

I slid my hand up her skirt and she was soaking wet! we starting kissing like the world was about to end, i was rubbing her cunt and her legs were wide open. She was groaning and pushed my fingers deep inside her.

Couldn't wait to get out of the taxi and taste her, we didn't even wait to get into my flat, i pushed her down on the step ass up in the air and licked her ass and pussy, flipped her over and licked her clit and played with her huge titts(natural like mine)

She tasted too good for words. We eventually made it into my flat where we literally jumped each other, ripping clothes off and using dildos and making each other cum over and over again. She is a real life sexy nymph.

Now all i want is to get Lia and her in a wet horny sandwich. I would die a happy girl in between a blonde and brunette sex mad session-HEAVEN!